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Dog has fleas. Have to clean house before we can go out and do anything. 

Fuck. Everything. 

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Hands/Feet References by *Kibbitzer

I hope this will help you! (more stuff here)

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About…seven years ago I had a pulmonary embolism from a wonderful medical side effect that left me hospitalized and on blood thinners for nearly a year afterwards. Many things decided to shift pretty heavily on that medication: my weight, my alcohol tolerance, and I bruised damn easily. 

But the biggest and probably longest effect that I’ve had since is my circulation. It’s utter shit. Hands and feet get so ice cold and it’s only seemed to get worse with age. 

Fast forward to about 2010. I mentioned in passing to a friend of mine that I’d really love gloves that you could wear inside during cold weather because my house was absolutely freezing and while working my hands would start to ache. They suggested hand warmers, which up until that point I (regrettably) didn’t know they were a Thing. I still have the simple little black pair I got from them - they were scratchy but for the first time since I didn’t feel like my hands were going to break outside of my sleeves. 

I mention this because I feel like this is the other thing that has convinced me to start along this habit, aside from cassandrabethloveyoutodeath's LOVELY version of my Lukas Kilgore from Stacked Hand. The ability to choose what kind of yarn goes into my projects, to make them the way I WANT them to be, it’s why I started knitting. 

I also wanted something tangible to give people. Lukas is wearing a blue ribbed scarf I made for our next door neighbor in response to the man continually mowing our yard from time to time. It’s not perfect, but damnit, I like it. And he did too. 

We now return you to your regularly somewhat scheduled fangirling and strangled noises of frustration.

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My dog is sleeping in my office SO FAR away from the Lukas doll I just got from cassandrabethloveyoutodeath and I’m laughing DAMNIT BUDDY YOU USUALLY TRY TO CHEW THE HELL OUTTA THESE. 

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Finished my first scarf today! 

I just gotta weave in all the ends and it’ll be DONE. 

Kinda sad to see it go. Sigh. 

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When I saw superiorhousewifetonystark's post a little while ago on what's happened so far with Axis the first thought in my mind was it sounds like they're trying to barrel head first into Civil War part 2. And while I can fully understand wanting to recapture one of the biggest storylines of the last decade - Can they Write Anything New? Take these big top seller writers and put them on the main teams to steer the universe in a direction that doesn't kick the same horse out of it's grave and shoot it again. Anyone who thinks “Yeah, remember that storyline from a few years ago? We should totally do it again!” Needs to read the goddamned crisis on infinite earths and why we all sigh a collective amount of relief when they stopped. 

This is an frustrated rant and I apologize for tagging but this shit just frustrates the hell out of me. 

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Illustrated by Adi Granov, the image is presented with the cover treatment Marvel used for its "Civil War" event, and all three heroes are from that era as well. Aside from the “Civil War” logo, the only other text is a vague date of SUMMER 2015 and, in the email accompanying the image. (via: x)

Excuse me, Marvel?

i’m done i quit


NO. NO. NO. NO. argh I wanted to get into it again but nope nope nope




Illustrated by Adi Granov, the image is presented with the cover treatment Marvel used for its "Civil War" event, and all three heroes are from that era as well. Aside from the “Civil War” logo, the only other text is a vague date of SUMMER 2015 and, in the email accompanying the image. (via: x)

Excuse me, Marvel?

i’m done i quit




argh I wanted to get into it again but nope nope nope

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a while ago i reblogged a paypal tutorial with some extra info / warnings in the comments, but the site updated so i figured i’d make my own tutorial with all that extra info added in

  •  if you’re new to paypal, “Send & Request” is at the top of the page - click that and then select “Pay for goods or services”
  • paypal says they will take a cut of the money when it gets to me but it’s only 2.9%, meaning anywhere from a couple of cents to a buck with the rates i usually charge. if you wanna be nice you can add that 2.9% in but i don’t expect people to and i don’t mind if you don’t
  • MAKE SURE YOU SELECT “NO ADDRESS NEEDED”. if you select the other options paypal will think i’m shipping you physical goods and expect me to cough up proof that i did - and they’ll flag me if i don’t!
  • as mentioned in the photoset, i need to be very careful about what people mention in the payment notes so that paypal doesn’t think i’m up to any fishy business and lock me down for it. all i need is for you to tell me who you are (tumblr / DA / FA account name etc) so i know who’s sending me what. if your blog name is then consider using a nickname.

Always good reminders if you’re unfamiliar with how paypal works, because it’s so damn handy! That said, pretty sure trying to slap on charges to cover that 2.9% afterwards is against paypal policy and as the seller of whatever you’re expected to cover it. Adjust your prices accordingly BEFORE taking commissions/etc to account for it.

I’m continuously frustrated by paypal’s policies and habit of locking accounts over innocuous things, using some nebulous and poorly-defined “moral standards” to basically say “I know person A paid person B some money, but neither one has access to those funds anymore and I guess by default we get to keep it oh gosh golly.” It should never be anybody’s business how I make my money.

But in the meantime, find a workaround.

Guys, there is a much simpler way to do this and that is through INVOICES.  With an invoice, you control what is said, what the settings of the transaction is and I don’t believe there is ANY way for a customer to leave a comment (correct me if I’m wrong).  You can also send a reminder if the invoice hasn’t been paid.

All that you need to send an invoice is your customer’s email, they don’t even need a Pay Pal account, just a credit card to pay.

Take control, use invoices!

Here is a tutorial. GO FORTH AND INVOICE.

That is very true. Invoices are the best way to do it. I always forget about invoices.

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A Master Post of Everything Wrong with Axis


It’s being written. 

That’s it. That’s the list.

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superiorhousewifetonystark said:

So... can I get an actual run down of Axis...

thedirectorstark replied:

- Avengers set out to handle this weird plant situation in LA. Plantman is eating buildings and stuff

- but instead of handling the situation, the Avengers are telepathically pitched against one another

- everyone except Tony, who’s Conveniently Immune to that thanks to a Convenient Anti-Telepathy Thing he had Conveniently Installed in himself previously

- (like I don’t know. He mentioned it was something he built in response to his nightmares. Is that a Stark Disassembled thing I don’t remember or w/e?? Either way it sounded like those poorly-written scripts like “People are being telepathically controlled! But fortunately, a while ago I had installed a thing that makes me immune to that!” Ugg bad writing)

- dialogues are disgusting by the way

- anyway Old Man Steve figures out that the Red Skull was responsible for this whole thing

- meanwhile in genosha there are mutant concentration camps

- ?

- okay

- all hell breaks loose there blah blah blah I don’t know anything that’s happening in the X-men side of this

- (you should have asked this to someone else)

- the point is, red skull is now free and more dangerous than ever, etc etc etc, he’s getting called the Red Onslaught and wants to create a Reich Eternal etc

- avengers show up in genosha to fight that

- big reveal time!!!!!!!! As it turns out Tony worked closely with the red skull during/after the civil war by weaponizing the info on superhero weaknesses gathered from the superhuman database

- apparently it only took “a little bit” of telepathic influence for the partnership to happen, but mostly it was out of Tony’s desire to prove how brilliant he is because he’s always been troubled by how “people wouldn’t acknowledge his greatness”

- :))))))) lol

- tl;dr anti-mutant, anti-hero “stark sentinels” are a thing

- tune in next week for the next installment of “Remender takes a dump on everything you love”




….Is this real life?

(it might be a five nightmares reference since one of his nightmares was a situation like Execute Program happening again. but either way, that’s a very heavy haned reference and you basically just pissed on someone else’s work with no real explanation.)

I am on the Nope train to Fuck Thatville.

(no one else I know is actually going to read this shit so… that’s why I asked you, you appear to be reading it to torture yourself or…)

Words cannot even begin to express how fucking ridiculous that entire plot sounds.

I…uh….what. What. This is why I’m so anxious about picking up comics again. This kind of shit is…what. No. No. Quit trying to recapture Civil War because that was DIFFERENT and NEW. Now it’s just…ugh. Ugh.

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So awhile ago I mentioned I’d try to keep the knitting posts to a minimum since most of it was going to boil down to angry screams. But a few friends have asked for me to keep them updated, so I figured I’d try to start on a semi-positive note while I’m waiting for the caffeine to kick in. 

Bottom picture is my very first attempt at a ribbed scarf. It turned out pretty well, if freakishly short. I’m not sure if I want to try to patch it up or leave it as is. I’ve got a lot of other things I’m trying to cram in between now and christmas. 

Top pic is my second attempt - this one actually has an intended recipient already. If you’re wondering why the needle change..well…apparently my dog likes bamboo enough that he needed to get up on the couch, dive into my handbag, and chew my recently cast-on needle to shreds. Year old temper tantrum, I suppose. 

I’m feeling better since I spent a great deal of last week ill, so I’m back to doing artwork and writing today. For as long as that may actually happen today.

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Someone’s not terribly happy about the vet visit right now.

Someone’s not terribly happy about the vet visit right now.